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Hmmm... An ordinary guy living his ordinary life... but once in a while out of the ordinary things happen to him , and here is his blog to tell everyone all about it... that guy is ME... well not ME but Eugene Tong

Friday, October 28, 2005

School Leavers 05" 3 - Valedictory

Ahh... What a night.... I thought it would have been crap BUT HOW WRONG WAS I!!!.... It would have been the second best event of leavers so far after the water fight.... So many funni and kewl moments on this night at it was all thanks to everyone (Parents, teachers, special guest and of course Year 12s). This maybe seem like a boring post to some but as a i write this post i am remembering this great night! I had the best time watching the special entertainment items... Megan Jefferson (year 12) dramatci monologue!, Wind Orchestra 1 & 2 performing soundtrack highlights of Pirates of the Carribean, Collin Chin (year 12 and personal good friend!) performing on the Marimba (WHICH WAS AWESOME ... I SALUTE U COLLIN!) and the Multi-award winning Alvin Chong performed on the Piano (man this guy is going to be famous some day) and the dance items by the year 12 dancers... I also loved the speech on this night... None were without a good joke... actually they were filled with good jokes... Which reminds me i want to give the biggest thank you to Dr Ashley Bennett, who was our keynote speaker and ex student and Jaclyn Petersen our lovely head girl for the greatest valedictory speech (I love ice-cream too)...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

School Leavers 05" 2- The WATER fight!!

Since entering upper school i have notice i only wake up at 8:00 to 8:30... Today i had to wake up at 7:00 to get ready for the water fight... I went over to my friend's place to fill up some balloons and then went to the fight... IT WAS awesome... i haven't had so much fun in such a long time... My friend said to me... "even though we are running around like crazy little kids, its all worth it" and he was right it was such a great moment! Not much to say about the fight as the pictures can speak for themselves... but i leave you with my final thought... never will there be so many wet chicks around me again :P HEHE

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Australian Princess?!?!

Wow.... i can't believe it.... i'm actually intrigued by this semi-reality TV show competition where they choose the Australian Princess... Yes yes i know i'm sad for watchin this show, but i usually have dinner on wednesday nights at 7:30 and nothing else is on so i just watch! For those who don't know what its about... it a competition where 14 Australian girls learns how to become princesses. Each episoide 1-2 girls get eliminated out... Here's the site for more info http://www.australianprincess.com.au/

Well what really intrigues me is the personality of each girl... It is quite interesting as we have a wide spread of girls in this competition (from a former stripper, surfer chic, country girl, mother) and all have different personalities... Just this week one of the judges had personal chats with each girl and he said "your a very bright and bubbly girl, very funny and humourous, but, you tend to hide yourself behind the humour" and this was quite impacting on me... as I have noticed people (including myself) sometimes hide behind some kind of feature... I come to realise that sometimes, when I don't want to talk or be "social" i tend to yawn and find myself half sleeping... which is a good way to hide yourself :D jkin... I guess from now on .... if you know me I'll try to be awake? LOL... Hmmm my final thoughts on Australian Princess: WHEN IS AUSTRALIAN PRINCE COMING!!! DAMIT!!! LOL :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

About Me 2- Life story!? LoL

Besides reading my concise profile, i'd like to share with you my life story... Well well I born into a christian family in Hong Kong and moved to Australia when i was 3. I attended my primary school from year 1-7 and my high school from 8-12... From a young age i was playing with computers... i still remember i had this old computer which ran DOS and i would have to type in all the commands. From high school onwards i've always been into computer games especially MMOGs... (massive multiplayer online games). I still remember the first one TIBIA... and it lasted all through high school aswell (thanks to leigh)...

Enough about computers... i do have a life besides computer >.<... Besides computers I love cooking... or maybe i just like food i can't tell.... i like cooking and eating so that means i like food right? Anyways i got to admit i am Pro at Eggs... especially pan fried ones coz i can flip em really well! Which reminds me my Dad doesn't like cookin, and when he does have to make his sandwhich its quite funny, he whips the egg and pours in on a plate and MICROWaVES IT ~~~~ HAHAHA...

Can't think of much now but i'll still post what i have keep checkin if you want to know me better coz i'll update this post :D

About Me 1- Aim of my blog

Hi my name is Eugene Tong if you know me thats great if you don't still cool, coz i'm ready to tell you all about me... and if you got a blog i'd like to know you too. Anyways I guess I should say why I started this blog... I always read some random blogs and stuff now and then, but after seeing my friend Jon's blog I was really intrigued :D... he has his own .com isn't that cool!! I'd have my own .com if i wasn't so stingy ehehehe but o well blogger is stil good :D. Besides seeing jon's blog i've come to realise why i wanted to start my own blog... I guess i sometimes i wana realli say something... but can't find the opportunity talking about it with my friends or family... so what better way I SHARE IT TO THE WHOLE WORLD... and who ever wants to hear what i wana say please feel free to listen (or read, since it is a blog).

I've always loved those stories about how people have been encouraged or gained something out of someone and i'd liked to do this with my blog. Hope some blog post in da future can encourage you or help you. Happy reading and keep on checking :D